Thursday, May 6, 2021

"Portraits In Sound" /5-7-21/


Segment One

"Vapour Highway" by Darryl Way
CD: Under The Soft (I.R.S.)

"Midflight" by Chris Spheeris
CD: Desires Of The Heart (Columbia)

"Light Years" by Laszlo Bencker
LP: Lady Robot (Sonoton)

"Water Colors" by Tom Scott
CD: Flashpoint (GRP)

"Little China" by Max Lässer's Ark
CD: A Different Kind Of Blue (Real)

Segment Two

"Distant Thunder" by Checkfield
CD: Distant Thunder (American Gramaphone)

"Sentinel Of Eden" by Nicholas Gunn
CD: Beyond Grand Canyon (Gemini Sun)

"Thousand Cranes" by Hiroshima
CD: East (Epic)

"Falling" by Julee Cruise
CD: Floating Into The Night (Warner Bros.)

"Castle On The Mountain" by Maxxess
Digital Album: Landscapes (Klangdesign)

Segment Three

"Observations" by Jim Bartz
CD: Pictures Of Earth + Space (Audion)

"The Light In Your Eyes" by Mo Foster
CD: Bel Assis (MMC) 

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

"The Breeze" /5-6-21/


Hour One Segment One

"Tattoo" by Nelson Kole
CD: UP! (Pony Canyon)

"Intersection" by Marcos Silva & Intersection
LP: White & Black (Crossover)

"Tough Cats" by Chris Beckers
CD: Chris Beckers (CrisCrazz)

"Memories [Of What Might Have Been]" by Chris Boardman
CD: Tu Do Bem (Headfirst)

Hour One Segment Two

"Sunset Memory" by The Kazu Matsui Project
LP: Standing On The Outside (Lakeside)

"Hands For Sale" by Fruitcake
CD: Summer Reminiscence (Victor)

"Diza" by Azymuth
CD: Crazy Rhythm (Milestone)

"This Guy's In Love With You" by Dave Koz
CD: Hello Tomorrow (Concord)

Hour One Segment Three

"Spacy Country" by UZEB
CD: Between The Lines (Norac)

"When The Mountains Talk" by Kit Walker
CD: Dancing On The Edge Of The World (Windham Hill Jazz)

"Forever Yours" by Tom Grant
LP: Night Charade (Gaia)


Hour Two Segment One

"Bermuda Triangle" by Hawk On Flight
CD: Moonroom (Heads Up International)

"How Far? How Fast?" by Robin Frederick
CD: How Far? How Fast? (Higher Octave)

"Around The Bend" by Emily Remler
CD: This Is Me (Justice)

"Smooth Move" by Jean Fineberg & Ellen Seeling
Cassette: Deuce (Redwood)

Hour Two Segment Two

"Smoke Gets In Your Eyes" by Patti Austin
CD: The Real Me (Qwest)

"Through The Lens" by Checkfield
CD: Through The Lens (American Gramaphone)

"Mo Samba" by Cliff Sarde
CD: Dreams Out Loud (Passport Jazz)

"Pretty Song" by Yoshihiro Naruse
CD: Stimulus (Invitation)

"Dolph" by Randy Goodrum
CD: Solitary Nights (GRP)

Hour Two Segment Three

"Preacher's Day Off" by Jay Azzolina
CD: Never Too Late (Antilles New Directions)

"Weeds" by Skywalk
CD: Larger Than Life (Bluemoon)

"Stars In Your Eyes" by Jerome Olds
Cassette: Eyes Of A Common Man (Star Song)

Sunday, May 2, 2021

"Portraits In Sound" /5-6-21/


Segment One

"A Change In Perspective" by Exchange
CD: Into The Night (Mesa)

"Lookback" by Jonn Serrie
CD: Midsummer Century (Miramar)

"Magical Man" by Teller & Kallins
CD: Teller & Kallins (Golden Gate)

"From The Heart" by Bernardo Rubaja
CD: New Land (Narada Equinox)

"In My Imagination" by Jon Goin
Cassette: Waltz At Big Sky (MCA)

Segment Two 

"Windy Sky" by Fowler & Branca
CD: Etched In Stone (Silver Wave)

"The Promise" by Phil Keaggy
CD: The Wind And The Wheat (Maranatha!)

"Tell Me How" by Trapezoid 
CD: Moon Run (Narada Equinox)

"Hypnoage" by Richard Buxton
CD: Exotic Simplicity (Higher Octave)

Segment Three

"Under The Black Oak" by Maxxess
Digital Album: Landscapes (Klangdesign)

"So Much Love" by Ken Davis
CD: Love (Inspired)

"Written On The Wind" by Yanni
CD: Ethnicity (Virgin)

"Undine" by Pryme Tyme
CD: Pryme Tyme (Prove)

"The Second Twilight" by Deep Forest
CD: World Mix (Columbia)

"Portraits In Sound" /5-7-21/

  Listen Segment One "Vapour Highway" by Darryl Way CD: Under The Soft (I.R.S.) "Midflight" by Chris Spheeris CD: Desire...